"When I was told that I won the Beauty Revealed Photo Session, I was more concerned than happy. I thought: "Oh my God, but I am so fat now...but I am so old now... but I am not beautiful any more..." The day of the photo shoot I just surrendered to her. She did it all... She made me feel like the most famous supermodel of the world. It was a great experience. I would do it again, and again, and again..." —Leida Benitez

"Recently I had the pleasure of working with Valerie at her studio in St. Pete. Going into it I let her know right away that she would need to "hold my hand" with each photo she took. As she snapped photos one after the other I trusted her with every pose and facial expression. She gave me a sneak peek a couple of times and I have to say, I was impressed with her work before I even left the studio. I couldn't wait to get back in to see the final shots after she called me to let me know they were ready. I can honestly say that I didn't realize how difficult it was going to be to pick out my favorites, but indeed it was. Valerie Saroka did an amazing job with my hair and makeup, highlighting my features and sticking with a comfortable and natural look for me and making me look like a million bucks and then Valerie Bogle followed it up with amazing pictures and poses and bringing out the best in me in every shot. I am not typically very comfortable with being the center of attention but I have to admit that I most certainly felt comfortable that day in the studio and I am thrilled to have been able to have worked with both Valerie's. Thank you so much for my beautiful photos, for making me look beautiful and natural and even sexy in the classiest of ways! It was a wonderful experience:-)" —Eileen Carter

"My photo shoot with Valerie Bogle was so much fun! What a great experience to be treated like a Star with full make up, hair and various outfits. Valerie knew what worked for me better than I did. She made me look fabulous. She has true gift to make women feel comfortable and beautiful and that really shines through in her photographs. Some day soon I'll have her take our family photos on the beach - I know they will be amazing too. Thank you Valerie!!" —Denise Seaman, Careminders

"I did a photo shoot with Valerie last Fall & absolutely LOVED it, even though I normally do not like being photographed... You know how it normally goes when your friends take pictures of you: you don't like your hair, you end up with red eyes, etc... When you use a professional like Valerie, the photo shoot itself is a lot of fun, she is able to capture the essence of who YOU are, making you so comfortable that you forget you are in front of the camera. The end result is a beautiful picture of you. Whether you want a glamour shot, a professional head shot for your website or business cards, and want to capture memorable moments of you with your family on a Saturday morning, Valerie Bogle is the one who can make all this magic happen!! Smile, you are on camera!! :-)" —Isabelle Simon

“Wow these are frigging awesome!!! I love them…..perfect. They are perfect!!! You are a kick butt photographer..I knew you would be!!! You have done it all right…You can shoot from everyone’s perspective…wow. Thank you so much!!! Hugs and kisses” —Susan Schwabinger, Alexa Model & Talent

"Valerie has a creative eye but also a creative heart which means she captures not just the moments but the feeling of the moment! She is a pleasure to work with and puts you at ease as she snaps away. You will be thrilled with the results of your photos. Valerie knows exactly how to use lighting and angles to get incredible results!" —Tracey Metzger, For the Girls International

"We are so happy with our daughter's senior pictures. Valerie is so great from the beginning of the process to the finished product. She is so creative and was involved in picking out locations, what to wear and even make-up and hair. My daughter felt so relaxed and special on the day of the shoot. Valerie really went the extra mile in getting to know my daughter and tailoring the photoshoot to really capturing the true personality of my daughter! Senior pictures are a very important milestone in a teenager's life (and parents) and we felt Valerie Bogle Photography made the event very special." —Amy Korta

“Valerie was really easy to work with.  Her background as an art director is clear when you see the finished product. I think she really understands what the talent go through having been a model herself.” —Robin Kay, Professional Model

“Valerie does an amazing job. Coming previously from an art director standpoint, and now behind the camera, she is able to capture the overall essence of the subject. She has a great eye for color, design and set-up. She is able to accentuate the radiance that her subject evokes. She is easy to work with and very passionate about each and every picture.” —Kim Dudley, 22squared

“Love it! It all looks amazing! Valerie is amazing and easy to work with. She gives good direction to get the best photos.” —Shawn Rollins, Model

"If you are looking for a photographer for anything Valerie is your gal! She is very professional and has a blessing for taking photos. Valerie will do everything in her willpower to make her customers happy. I only suggest Valerie to anyone and everyone!!!" —Ericka Trabucco, Senior Portraits

"Valerie was amazing to work with, very professional but she made the photo shoot fun. My headshot turned out great and I would recommend her to anyone!" —Clara Rose, Perks Coffeehouse


"I loved the time spent with Valerie. Her studio, the conversation, the time together was blessed. She was able to capture my personality and yet show me a side I have always wanted to see, a beautiful woman. I feel my pictures reflected my inner beauty. I love them. Thank you Valerie" —Elizabeth Bunbury, Answered Prayers Project

"Beautiful lady. Beautiful spirit. Beautiful work." —Karen Gillman

"An amazing experience with a truly amazing artist!" —Jeremy Gostkowski

"Valerie has a designer's eye, so her composition is artful and thoughtful. She's sweet and easy, which makes you feel more comfortable. From the location through the entire session through the photo selection, she is a pleasure and a joy. Highly recommend!" —Mindy Adams

“Valerie was terrific to work with, got the pictures I needed quickly, and was available after the shoot for even more photo requests. I am very happy with my photo shoot and would recommend her to anyone wanting quality pictures at a great price!” —Blake Howard, Model

"Valerie and her staff do an excellent job! They made me feel welcome, comfortable and beautiful....The photographs are amazing and her overall work is top notch. I highly recommend Valerie for capturing creative photo's with memories that will last a lifetime. Thank YOU Valerie!" —Jeannie O'Grady

"Valerie is an amazing photographer! I had never done a professional photo shoot before and was a little uncomfortable at first, but Valerie made me feel at ease and comfortable in front of the camera in no time at all. I have known other photographers in my life and I can say without a doubt that she is the best! Oh, and I might add that once I saw the results of the amazing photos I am convinced that Valerie truly is an artist at what she does. What an incredible experience. Thank you!! : )" —Ashley Gostkowski

"Valerie has incredible talent. She created a beautiful portfolio for our ministry and we have received many compliments. We highly recommend her." —Debi Zaas

"Valerie acted as a top notch professional as we worked together to accomplish my business goals. And her photographic skills and artistic creativity have given my business a measurable boost!"—John Zacharias