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This isn't the 80s glamour! Its Lifestyle & Contemporary Portrait Photography with a Fashion Magazine Flair!

Today, it seems, people are bored with the old style of photography which looks overly posed and less stylish. We want to feel like our photos are as good as what we see in magazines everywhere. My goal in shooting is to achieve a magazine style photo, whether I'm shooting Contemporary Glamour, or a Lifestyle Family Shoot.

$395*, includes hair & makeup makeover for up to 2, help with wardrobe selection, multiple wardrobe changes & posing guidance throughout the shoot PLUS $100 credit to use towards your portrait purchases!

Women are beautiful. Period.
There's not one special characteristic that defines beauty, and it shouldn't be limited to those in Hollywood, when its all around us!
I LOVE reminding women how beautiful they are! It starts with customizing a shoot specifically for you! When you come to the shoot, you'll bring clothes that you love and make you feel beautiful. We'll do your hair & makeup, help you with wardrobe selection, and do multiple wardrobe changes throughout your shoot.

You will feel like a model, if even for a few hours!
OH, and be sure to schedule something special for after your shoot, you're going to look and feel fabulous!

Women • Maternity • Families • Brides • Seniors
Either In-Studio, On-Location, or a combination of both.


$395*, includes hair & makeup for up to 2, help with wardrobe selection, multiple wardrobe changes & posing guidance throughout the shoot PLUS $100 credit to use towards your portrait purchases!
(or for families wanting to forego hair & makeup, the $100 can be applied to your portrait purchases).

What family doesn't want to capture the essence of who they are. When there are little ones involved, sometimes shooting on-location is the better option, allowing us to be in a place special to you and your family. There's no need to fret about the kids not posing well, since we'll only do a minimal amount of posed shots - the rest will be candid, and capturing them doing what they do...being themselves! Those are the photos that go in the lifestyle magazines, and the ones that will often have a story behind them, and add to the memory of the shoot.

We'll shoot at a location special to you if you have one, otherwise I am happy to make a suggestion based on the look you're after.

MODELS & SENIORS: Shooting on location, whether alone or combined with a studio shoot, this is a great way to showcase your different looks, talents and interests by varying the location of the shot. I work with models to help them decide on what types of photos they still need for their portfolio or comp card, and we style the shoot for them specifically. For Seniors, its all about celebrating who they are as an individual, their sense of style, interests and anything else that tells the story of who they are. NOTE: Models and Seniors must use the Hair & Makeup Option for best results.

I've got great locations, and am always scouting for new ones, and for spots to help customize a particular shoot.

Women • Maternity • Families • Brides • Seniors


Personal Branding Head Shots are $745 
Includes 2 looks, hair & makeup, wardrobe changes, posing guidance and plenty of time in front of the camera shooting + 2 retouched high resolution digital files at 1500x2250px @300dpi.

The days of boring head shots with a standard boring backdrop are fading, and giving way to the opportunity to have a head shot that is a better representation of you and your personality. Which is what I love about PERSONAL BRANDING SHOOTS, and Business & Corporate Head Shots!

In today's world of online business, social media and networking, often your first chance to make a great first impression is with your profile photo. What is your picture saying about you and your business? Are you a Speaker, an Author, A Realtor, A Business Coach or any other profession where you are the face of your business? Then, there's a good chance you need multiple images for your web site(s), your social media, email marketing, blogs among other needs. In which case, a complete, Magazine Style Personal Branding Shoot, where shots are conceptualized for you might be the way to go. Be sure to ask for more information. Shooting for several images at once (10+) can even be more cost effective than buying them a la carte.

Don't need all the extra thought and planning, but just want a nice head shot? 
STANDARD HEAD SHOTS, include hair touchup and full makeup and are $295, and include one final high res image! Extra images available @$195.


Start at $1490, includes 3 hours of shooting, plus a 20pp Artisan designed 8x8 leather or linen album with up to 40 images.

A Day in the Life photo shoot is all about capturing you and your family in your home, doing the things you do nearly every Saturday. The things that may at times seem so ordinary are the very things that when they are no longer part of your lives, once the children grow up, that you will so often miss and think about. So what better than to spend a Saturday morning doing the things you love to do; whether its cuddling on the couch, making pancakes together, going to the park, putting the baby down or countless other things that make up your life—all while I, am behind the scenes capturing them in photos?

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*Images are not included in shoot prices, unless noted. A La Carte Portraits start at $275 • Collections start at $1170

Note: High resolution digital files are included at for every image at the size purchased.

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